Community Nights

Community Nights


Tuesdays at 5 PM we open our doors for workers to come in and enjoy the space. Donations at the door keep the space open but no one will be turned away for lack of funds. The general room and backroom are available for work use, the recording studio still require payment. We also have activities during those times that we are super excited to have people join.

First Tuesdays – Game Night
Bring your own games, or use ours. We’ll be playing a bunch of different table top games, from board games to roleplaying games!

Second Tuesdays – Drawing Night
Join us and other artists in working on your latest creation. Whatever medium you use, you’re welcome!

Third Tuesdays – Darn it All and Stitch
Join the Lamplighters’ crafting circle. Bring whatever project you’ve been working on and enjoy the company of other crafters while you work on it.

Fourth Tuesdays – Writer’s Tea
Bring your mugs and join us in enjoying a good cup of tea, company, and writing time.

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