Monthly Membership Options
Pay What You Want membership

Please be aware that this is a testing period, and therefore this membership is subject to change. We will contact you should something change.

Join us as a member of Olympia Lamplighters. The Pay What You Can Membership is structured in such a way that you can access our facilities and not worry about affording access. As a non-profit, we’re always looking for ways to benefit our community and open the space up to more people. Come and talk to us about what you need as a member and how we can create a membership that works for you!

Take a look at our online PWYW Subscription, and come talk to us about how we can help you as an artist! 

Suggested Price memberships
Community Membership – $75 per month

Our standard monthly membership covers general use of Olympia Lamplighters. Take a look at the Resources page to learn more about what you have access to.

When you’re enjoying the benefits of membership, Members can also reserve hours for the recording booth, along with a 20% discount on Lamplighters sponsored events and services.

Purchase a monthly membership to Olympia Lamplighters and enjoy your benefits any day of the week! 

Rent-a-Desk – $125 per month

(Includes both monthly membership and a desk)

Looking for a personal dedicated workspace? We have a limited number of desks that provide workspace and storage space for artists. Contact us or come in to see if we have desks available. 

Enjoy working near other artists and making a desk space all your own.

Member Benefits at Olympia Lamplighters

While you can drop in for the day or the week to experience Oly Lamplighters, nothing beats signing up as a member of our artistic community! When you sign up for a monthly membership, you’ll receive all of the following benefits.

Member Benefits
  • 20% off services offered at Olympia Lamplighters, including select classes, and guest day passes
  • Work with a staff photographer to take photos of artwork
  • Priority in Artist Spotlights
  • The ability to print documents or scan documents. In order to use this, you will need to email what you would like to print to
  • Utlilze our automatic billing to easily pay your membership.
  • The ability to have guests at Oly Lamplighters for up to two hours per day. Guests will be the responsibility of the Member and their conduct.
  • Membership Referral: For every four members that you refer and sign up, you will receive a month of free membership!
  • Sound Membership comes with two hours per week use of the sound booth. Please contact a staff member to reserve your sound booth time.
  • Access to a $50.00 add-on for a personal desk, based on availability.