Our Mission

Our mission at Olympia Lamplighters is to provide creators and artists of all ages and disciplines a space to engage, inspire, and grow together as artists and creators in an all-inclusive community.

At Olympia Lamplighters, we believe in hosting a safe and inspirational environment in which people of all races and beliefs can feel safe and welcomed while creating the art form of their choice.

When you come into Olympia Lamplighters space, you will encounter:

  • Respect for all people, communities, and cultures
  • Honor our community by being socially, financially, and environmentally responsible
  • Striving for our team and members to meet the highest ethical standards
  • Challenging each other to strive for excellence and to continue learning
  • Embracing continuous improvement and change and fostering bold creativity

Olympia Lamplighters is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit recognized by the IRS (Tax ID Number: 85-3857419 | Charity License Number: 2005732).

Our Team


Corey Strid

HR Manager/Secretary

Michael Beard


Board Members

Avalon Kragness


Corey Strid

Vice President

Saige Rakoski

Event Coordinator

Jonah Barrett

Advisory Board Member

Keisha Chinn

Advisory Board Member

Christian Billstrom

Advisory Board Member


Notable Volunteers

Cade Walker

Legal Representative

Derek Haugen

Website Administration