Who are we?

Are you an artist? A writer? Musician? Someone looking for a quiet place to work or relax? Are you looking for gallery space? Assistance with that website that you keep fighting with? How about a recording studio? Social Media assistance? Someone to decipher that business jargon so you can move on with your work?

Right, that’s a lot of questions. Like, far more than we have a right to ask. But we might be the answer to any one of those questions. The Lamplighters isn’t just a creative workspace in the sense of a coworking space where one can rest one’s feet and get down to the nitty gritty. We’re also there to help you with that nitty gritty. As a business and space, our number one goal is to help you grow into your goals, whether that be as a hobbyist who wants to get better at drawing, a new professional who needs help with branding, or a seasoned artist who wants to work with the community. We have a recording booth for musicians, desks for office space, a resource library and staff ready to help with a myriad of subjectsA.


  • 1st Floor, no step up into location
  • 29 in. double door, both doors open up to 59 in.
  • Warehouse features ramp, and a 35 in. door. (We have been informed that ramp is steep and are working with building management to obtain a moveable ramp to remedy the problem.
  • 1 bathroom in the space with handholds that is wheelchair accessible.
  • All tables feature sturdy benches and seats that can hold more than 250 lbs and that can also be removed to make space for wheelchairs.
  • Couches available
  • Light is low, but workable for artists (we are planning to get lamps for those who need them individually)
  • Scented cleaning products are used occasionally, but no continuous scent products have been installed.
  • Assistance animals are welcome
  • The Team

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