Who are we?

Olympia Lamplighters is a non-profit and charity coworking space specializing in artists. Olympia Lamplighters isn’t just a creative workspace in the sense of a co-working space where one can rest one’s feet and get down to the nitty gritty. We’re also there to help you with that nitty gritty. As a non-profit and space, our number one goal is to help you grow into your goals, whether that be as a hobbyist who wants to get better at drawing, a new professional who needs help with branding, or a seasoned artist who wants to work with the community.

We have a recording booth for musicians, voice actors and various audio recording projects, desks for office space, a resource library and staff ready to help with a myriad of subjects. We provide classes and workshops for the community to improve their artistic skills, and run community events and dances. Donations assist with community events, classes, workshops, and scholarships.


  • 1st Floor, no step up into location
  • 29 in. double door, both doors open up to 59 in.
  • Warehouse features ramp, and a 35 in. door. (The ramp is steep since the building was build in the 1900s.)
  • 1 bathroom in the space with handholds that is wheelchair accessible.
  • All tables feature sturdy benches and seats that can hold more than 250 lbs and that can also be removed to make space for wheelchairs.
  • Couches available
  • Light is low, but workable for artists (we are planning to get lamps for those who need them individually)
  • Scented cleaning products are used occasionally, but no continuous scent products have been installed.
  • Assistance animals are welcome


The Team

Avalon Kragness

(She/Her) Business Manager

Avalon Kragness, born in 1986 is a Quilter, Singer, and business entrepreneur. She has worked as a Manager of a Quilting Store, is a founder of The Lamplighters, and earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Business in 2020 with a specialization in Small Business and Entrepreneurship. 

Iri Alexander

(They/Them) Artistic Manager

Iri Alexander’s interests cover a wide variety of influences, experiences, and mediums. As such they consider themselves to be a multi-potential artist, and work in a variety of different fields.

Mediums that they use include writing, painting with oils, watercolor, and digitally, knitting, crocheting, and sewing. They’ve written episodes for the audio drama Jim Robbie and the Wanderers and voice act in the show, as well as numerous other radio dramas. 


(He/Him) Assistant Manager

Corey Strid, is a musician, a painter, and has over 10 years of business management experience.  He has worked in retail management as well as coordinated multiple regional expansion projects for t-mobile. His passion for art led him away from retail business management to the lamplighters where he could explore his desire to teach painting, music and expand his own skills.


Michael Beard

(He/Him) Resident Photographer and Videographer

Gabe Kalfen

(He/Him) Gallery Curator

Saige Rakoski

(He/Him) Venue Production Manager (Volunteer)

Please contact Saige for any events taking place in the venue in needing technical setup or work. You can contact him at rakoskisaige@gmail.com.


A special thank you to Tiger Hurd and Chad Holland for their work in founding Olympia Lamplighters

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