Watercolor Class


Wednesdays – 6PM – 8PM

Aug. 12 | Aug. 19 | Aug. 26 | Sep. 2 | Sep. 9 | Sep. 16

Learn the Basics of Watercolor Technique

Have you wanted to learn how to use tools and methods to learn the basics of watercolor? If so, this class is for you! Learn dry and wet brushing, how to do washes, and how to paint crisp lines, bloom, and fill techniques for applying color. Find out how to erase and lift your watercolor paint and find out how you can use a variety of other tools to create texture in this watercolor class. Utilize your imagination and come to our class to learn the basics of watercolor that you’ve always wanted to learn and take your first step in experiencing the art of watercolor.

The course features both classes that provide practice with techniques related to watercolor, and guided time to work on your own pieces. Whatever you’ve been interested in painting with watercolor, now if the time!

In addition, you’ll learn how to critique your artwork and other artists’ artwork in a safe and nonjudgemental environment, guided work time to work on your own unique pieces and learn how to use tools effectively and adequately in your watercolor artwork.

Our once-a-week class for six weeks of watercolor art explores using watercolor techniques and the watercolor artistic tools to create artwork to inspire further and develop your artistic talents. You’ll also meet other budding and beginning artists, like yourself, so come and be ready to meet new people too!


Class Supplies are as follows and can be purchased in a discounted package at 15% off from our local art store Olyphant. So just let them know you purchased our art class, and they will do the rest.

Van Gogh Half-Pan Watercolor Set (Basic Colors)
Fluid Cold Press Watercolor Block 9×12
Richeson White Synthetic W/C 3/4 Flat 8010
Richeson White Synthetic W/C Round 5
Richeson White Synthetic W/C Round 0

3 in stock

3 in stock

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