The South Sound Music Summit

(brought to you by the South Sound Block Party)
Free event
Saturday, November 19th
Join us at the South Sound Music Summit – an event for bands/performers and music industry professionals to exchange ideas, make new relationships, learn and hang out together.

Panels, break-out sessions and topics we’ll cover include but are not limited to:

  1. How to book the show – ways to approach talent buyers at all levels
  2. Marketing, fan and community building 101
  3. What are music festivals are looking for in bands?
  4. The Team: de-mystifying the processes and metrics that talent buyers, managers and agents use when signing and booking bands.
  5. Types of shows and performances – DIY to mainstages and everything in between
  6. Band resources for all levels – the products, apps, groups and affiliations you should know about and implement as you move through the industry
  7. The PNW’s biggest musical challenge – over saturation. The power of “no, thank you.”

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