Discounts are available for students and downtown workers. Please visit us at our location to get these.


  • $10 Daily Pass
    • A Pass allows you access to work our quiet, comfortable, and creative oriented environment for the day; your hand will be stamped and you’ll be able to wander in and out of to your heart’s content. You’ll also be able to access our community bulletin board, our resource library, high-speed wi-fi, and our crew whatever dainty little questions pop into your head. 
  • $40 6 Day Pass – Purchase
    • Provides the same access as a Daily Pass but for a reduced price for a week.
  • $75 Monthly Membership – Purchase
    • Are you planning on visiting us often? A membership is poised to save you quite a lot, and grant you access to more at The Lamplighters. In addition to our standard Pass access, members are also provided with access to extended hours (8PM – 10PM Tue, Wed, and Thu. Fri- Sun. 10PM -12PM), member reserved hours with the recording booth, the ability to purchase gallery space and storage, a 20% discount on Lamplighters sponsored events and services

Services and Scheduled Services

  • Recording Booth
    • Our recording booth is a ventilated 4×4 Vocalbooth, fully set up for single person recording of music, voice lines, or whatever other extraordinary thing one might need a recording booth for. Unlike our standard space we do have to charge for the recording booth time to cover equipment use.
      • $1.00 a minute
  • Scheduled Services
    • Scheduled Services will require a free consultation if applicable to discuss what that service can do for you, and vary in prices depending on time and complexity. – $15.00 per hour.
      • Website Assistance
      • Podcast Assistance
      • Editing for Prose and Scripts (Audio, Stage, and Screen)
      • Social Media Assistance
      • Graphic Design / Illustration
      • Portfolio Assistance
      • Product Photography
      • Video and Video Editing Assistance
  • Member Only Services
    • Storage – $10.00 – $15.00 per space
    • Gallery – $7.00/sqft

Hosting Your Own Workshop or Event

  • If you are interest in hosting, or wanting a specific workshop or event, please contact us through our contact page.

Renting Space for Events

  • Renting the Spaces
    • Our backroom is a 675 sqft space, that can be rented for events and workshops.
      • $50.00 per hour ($30.00 with an NPO License)
    • The front space is roughly 900 sqft and visible from the sidewalk. 
      • $100.00 per hour ($75.00 with an NPO License)
  • If you are interested in learning about the benefits of becoming a Lamplighters Hosted event please contact us on the contact page to see if your event is eligible.

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