Creative Services

Our creative services at Oly Lamplighters creative studio and co-working space is available after your complimentary initial consultation to discuss the services you are looking to utilize. We provide services for creative professionals such as:

Portfolio Assistance at $25/hour (two-hour minimum)
Pricing assistance
Gallery preparation
Portfolio presentation
Website platform options and functionality of website  (not content or website building)
Gallery Services

We offer storage in our art gallery in a dedicated locker space for a fee of $15.00 per space per month. You provide your own lock. Our lockers come in two sizes:  small 16” x 18” and large 16” x 28”. Lockers are first come, first serve. 


Gallery Preparation Guide

Learn more about preparing your work for galleries. Take a quick look over this guide to get an idea of how we and other galleries want artwork prepared.

Sound Room and Isolation Booth

Our recording booth is a ventilated 4×4 Vocalbooth, set up for single person recording of music, voice lines, or any other sound project one m0ight need a recording booth. Our sound room features sound padded walls, and an editing a recording computer.

Vocal booth or sound room usage does not include assistance with technical set up, and are provided for seasoned sound creators or people learning on their own.

We currently have in the sound room:

  • 2 PR 40 Heil Microphones
  • An Allen and Heath Zed 10FX Mixer
  • A computer with Presonus Studio 1, Audacity, LMMS, and DaVinci Resolve

If you would like a sound engineer to accompany you during your booth reservation, we can also connect you with an audio producer or professional, however their additional fee would not be negotiable.

Show Off Your Art in Our Gallery

Show off your art or your book for our local authors in our gallery space at Olympia Lamplighters! The commission rate for showing in the gallery is 20% with a signed contract. Come in today to find out more and sign-up to show off your artwork today! Or contact our Curator at

Renting Performance Space

Please contact Saige at for event information including renting our back space for bands, workshops, parties, book clubs. Based on availability.       


Interested in learning about the benefits of becoming a Lamplighters hosted event or workshop? Please email us at to see if your event is eligible. If you’re looking to schedule a musical or tech heavy event please contact our Venue Production Manager Saige Rakoski at

Interested in running a workshop? Contact us at