The Sketchbook: Observational and Imaginative Drawing

The Sketchbook: Observational and Imaginative Drawing


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March 2nd – April 20th (8 sessions)

Saturdays from 11am-1pm

Instructor: Aaron Zonka

Sketchbooks serve as incredible tools for capturing ideas and preserving a visual diary of our observations and thoughts. They are inherently personal, offering a window into our past and a repository of ideas for the future.

In this class, we’ll delve into the realm of observational sketchbook drawing. We’ll acquire fundamental compositional skills and develop a better understanding of how to depict the world around us in our day-to-day lives. Furthermore, we’ll explore techniques for transforming simple visual concepts into more elaborate ideas and expand our internal reference material to enhance drawing from our imaginations.

Some lessons will take place within the confines of the classroom, while others will involve venturing outdoors for urban observational drawing sessions.

All skill levels are welcome to join this class.



  • A sketchbook
  • Your preferred drawing materials



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10 in stock

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